The disinfection process is one of the most critical points-of-failure component and again the LEC advantage is there. Conventional inspections of your clearwells and treatment facilities can lead to major resource drains (personnel, time and money) and costly service disruptions. LEC provides inspections of clearwells and associated piping at a fraction of traditional costs, with no system disruption and no impact on available resources. LEC can also remove any accumulated sediment, flocculant or filter media from your clearwell without disrupting your treatment plant operations. Many of our clients have told us that our cleaning operations have reduced their disinfection by-product levels.

Contact Time (CT) Compliance and Enhancement / Disinfection By-Product (DBP) Reduction (Including Stage 2 DBP Compliance)

Baffle installation for DBP reduction and CT enhancement. LEC’s clearwell baffle systems are designed for quick and easy installation by our Dive Maintenance Technicians. Our highly trained teams can install a complete baffle system in your clearwell while it remains on line, and without adversely affecting water quality.

Installation of various types of mixing systems for improving and maintaining water quality in storage tanks.


LEC’s comprehensive clearwell inspections will provide you with a detailed report based on the respective regulatory agency guidelines that apply to your reservoir.

LEC provides the most efficient process for cleaning your clearwells and reservoirs. Keeping your system on-line during cleaning operations prevents interruption of service (including loss of fire protection capacity) to your customers.

Leak identification is easiest and most cost effective while your clearwell is in service. The hydrostatic pressure of the water draws the dye into the crack, which allows for quick identification. After dye testing is complete, LEC will make recommendations with respect to the repair of any identified leaks.

Repairs are best performed while the clearwell is full of water as the hydrostatic pressure actually forces the repair materials into the problem area, increasing the effectiveness of the repair.

Additional Capabilities

In-service replacement and repair of internal clearwell plumbing

 Pump inspection, repair,  installation and replacement.

Clearwell valve replacement while the tank remains in-service

Inspection, repair, installation and replacement of chemical injection systems.

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