NFPA Tank Inspections

As the largest In-Service provider of water tank inspection, cleaning, and maintenance, Liquid Engineering Corporation is recognized throughout the country for delivering cost-effective solutions to the problems associate with today’s regulatory climate.

All LEC dive maintenance technicians are Certified Commercial Divers

Liquid Engineering Corporation’s inspectors are highly trained and experienced in many different forms of water tank inspections, including those required by the National Fire Protection Association. In addition to any regulation set forth by your state and local governing bodies, the NFPA requires routine inspections of steel and concrete water tanks in Section 9.2.6 of NFPA 25-2008.
Your tank will be inspected without losing fire protection, and no preparation is necessary. All tanks remain online and full of water throughout the process. LEC will perform the required tasks to evaluate your reservoir:
Visual Identification and Grading of Coating Deficiencies.
Sediment Removal as necessary to allow for a full inspection of the floor panels.
Thickness Measurement of the floor, walls, and other structural members using Underwater Ultrasonic Test Equipment.
Coating Adhesion Testing per ASTM D 3359.
Corrosion Evaluating and Grading on steel surfaces.
Leak Testing on Weld Seams as necessary.
Coating Thickness Measurement.
Pit Depth Measurement.
Complete Exterior Inspection.


The interior of steel tanks without corrosion protection shall be inspected every 3 years.


The interior of all other types of tanks shall be inspected every 5 years.

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